All-in-One Fix for HTML Content Synced to iCal or Outlook’s Calendar

This is a simple plugin I wrote to help out a colleague who looks after TVAM.  A lot of their calendar entries contain HTML content which renders horrendously in iCal and Microsoft’s Calendar application.  I made an enquiry on the developer’s website regarding the implementation of stripping HTML tags from events synced with desktop calendars and was informed this would be a chargeable customisation and not a bug fix (we had a little chuckle about that).  Given their time frame was at least a month to even look at the problem and that I wasn’t going to be parting with any cash to fix a bug, I figured how hard can it be to make a plugin to fix the problem…  Well, a few hours later, I have written my first WordPress plugin that does exactly what I need.

Many thanks to Jon Abernathy, aka Chuggnutt over at who saved me a lot of time with his HTML to Text class.  It was the second class I tried, and the better of the two by a good margin.

Having fixed the problem myself, I imagine that Timely will fix the problem in an upcoming release.  Until then, this is the support page for this plugin.  If you have any issues or requests, post them here and I will try my best to get back to you with an answer.

The plugin can be downloaded here.

People who have already subscribed to your calendar may need to re-subscribe to clear out the old HTML content.