Reading Toy Run 2008

This year, I was determined to go on the Reading Toy Run.  This is an annual event which was started way back in 1985 by the Christian Motorcycle Association.  I am a not a Christian, but I do believe in helping those less fortunate than myself.  To take part, you only need bring yourself, something resembling a bike, and a present.  Most people go the extra mile and dress themselves and their bikes up in various Christmas guises.  For a full history of the run check out the following link.

It is only a short route; 2.6 miles according to Google.  But the event regularly attracts around 2,000 bikes (and bikers) of all shapes, sizes and age.  I have included a map of the route below.  Point “B” is the junction where myself and six other guys parked our bikes to prevent cars from moving during the 40 minutes it took the procession of motorcycles to go past.

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Our junction was made up of Triumphs.  The previous junction was made up of Harley Davidson’s and somewhere along the route were a fleet of Honda Goldwings.

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Triumph Thunderbird 1600 (expected Sept 2009)

Well, I visited the Carole Nash Motorcycle Show at the NEC on Friday 28th November. My main reason for attending was to see the new Triumph 1600 twin which is expected to be released next September.

First impressions left me underwhelmed to be honest (and this is from someone who has already paid a deposit to get one of the first off the production line). Having spoken with one of the Triumph guys at the stand, it seems that the initial colours are going to be black, blue with a white stripe, and silver. Frankly, I think the silver is not going to sell well and I hope they cancel the colour before release.


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