Perl script to adjust ‘srt’ subtitle files

Here is a quick and dirty script to adjust the time offset of an ‘srt’ subtitle file.  Quite often, subtitles downloaded from sites such as subscene are out of sync with the video you own.  Rather than adjusting the subtitles offset every time you watch the film/tv series/etc. this script will adjust the ‘srt’ file for you.

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Schuberth C3 Review, Reviewed

Well, after two months of living with my perceived faults of the C3 I finally managed to get to Jack Lilley and speak to them about the C3 helmet I purchased from them.  Initially, the first person I spoke to was going to replace the visor/helmet, but a colleague of his, who has been on a number of helmet manufacturer courses knew exactly what the fault was.  The pins that hold the pinlock visor in place have a flat side acting like a cam.  By rotating the pins,the cam action causes the inner visor to fit flush with the main screen.  Unlike Shoei, there doesn’t appear to be a tool to adjust this without removing the visor.


Well, I am extremely happy and I can give the C3 a glowing 10/10 for comfort, quietness and functionality.  It is early days, but I have not had the visor mist up once since having had the visor adjusted.