Thunderbird 1600 – July Release?

Well, I have had my order submitted to Triumph along with my requested accessories.  I just heard today that my after market exhausts have already arrived in the shop.  I am not sure when my bike will arrive as I have gone for the dual ABS of which only 40 will be available in the first month.

Looking around for news, I found a link on hellforleather which suggests that the Thunderbird is nothing more than a Harley clone.  They even harp on about the firing order of 270 degrees is designed to give it that V-Twin feel.  What a bunch of tossers.  For the attention of the muppets at hellforleather – who seem to be Harley biased – the bike is not meant to sound like a V-Twin.   The 270 degree firing order is meant to give it a lazy bark rther than a regular thump – it certainly has nothing to do with Triumph trying to mimic the Japanese and their V-twins.    The Thunderbird has no pretentions about what it is.  It is a massive, 1600CC, parallel twin – a first in the history of motorcycling.  We are inundated with V-twins, so much so, we are pretty bored with them, whether they be Japanese or that American crap.  Hellforleather then go on to slate Triumph for its range of expensive aftermarket accessories to make it look and perform like it should.  Really?  Like most Harley owners don’t buy 900cc bikes and purchase the upgrade to make them 1200cc and like most Harley owners don’t buy V&H pipes because the standard ones are shite.  Yes, Triumph are muscling in on your territory, and doing it well.