LED Brake light conversion for a 1993 Triumph Tiger (version 1)

I bought a 1993 Triumph Tiger last August to run through Winter.  As it happens, for one reason or another, I didn’t get it on the road until December.  In the three months I ran it, I went through around six stop/tail bulbs of various types, including LED bulbs.  I have no idea why the bulbs kept blowing but I decided that I could resolve this issue by designing my own LED circuit with some over voltage protection built in.

The main reasons for deciding to build my own circuit were as follows:

  • Off-the-shelf LED bulbs are not efficient at putting the light where you want it – and because of this, are often not as bright as filament bulbs.
  • My bike was blowing bulbs quicker than I was able to buy replacements.
  • I wanted to incorporate a flashing brake light circuit
  • I fancied doing something different

The initial design included two 12v regulators and two polarity protective diodes; one for each of the stop and  tail light circuits.


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Trident Exhausts for 1993 Triumph Tiger

I am currently doing 900 miles a week on my Tiger so I decided to treat it to some new exhausts as the old ones have been full of holes since I bought the bike over a year ago.  Triumph wanted around £300 per exhaust which are made of plain old steel with just a dash of stainless steel at the end and another extra stainless plate for a heat shield.  Looking around, I was able to find Trident Exhausts offered a selection of exhausts for the Tiger and I decided on the carbon and stainless steel option.  Peter Corlett was very helpful on the phone and the exhausts were around £80.00 cheaper than the Triumph offering with a lot more going for them.

The exhausts took a little over a week from order, to be custom made, and to eventually arrive at the door.

I was a little disappointed with some aspects of the exhausts; One of the baffles was dented to the one side, the pipework were of different lengths and – this is a little picky as I am happy with the finish – but the stainless pipework does not look as polished as the website pictures:


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