Review of Schuberth SRC for the C3

Having owned a black C3 helmet for almost 2 years, I recently bought a new Schuberth C3 helmet in Fluo Yellow for my daily commute.  I was offered a good deal on buying the helmet with the Schuberth SRC system that I couldn’t refuse.  I would like to point out to Schuberth, that paying the full RRP, of £280, for this system is way too expensive, and will deter a lot of people making this purchase.  Knock a £100 off the asking price and I am sure most C3 owners would save their pennies and buy one of these.  I would even go as far to say, that some people might actually go out and buy the C3 helmet just to have the easy integration of wireless communication, bluetooth and radio.

I absolutely love the way the SRC system integrates into the helmet.  Yes, it adds a bit of weight, but it is barely noticeable, and the convenience far out ways the minimal weight increase.  The only real issue I have had with the installation is that the flip lid requires a bit more effort to close than it does without the SRC system installed.  Maybe this will get easier with use.


Although I have not been able to test the rider communication, I have been able to test the bluetooth integration with my mobile phone and TomTom GPS unit, as well as the radio.

I have to say, the radio reception has been really poor.  I live in Berkshire and ride to London most days.  Outside of London I have hardly been able to receive a signal of any quality.  The radio constantly crackles and the signal fades in and out – so much so, that I have elected to void the warranty and take the system apart to see if there was anything I could do to improve the reception myself (video after the break).  I have soldered a wire onto the thick metal strip that runs around the back of the helmet and will let you know how I get on.  I would be interested to know if I had a faulty unit or whether or the SRC systems are this bad.

Turn the volume up for this one:


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  1. I bought Schuberth’s bluetooth kit for my C3 intending to use it with a TomTom Rider. Doesn’t work. The Rider only reports that ‘The required features could not be found for this headset.” Tried repeatedly.

    If you got the two to ‘pair’ did you have to do anything else? I have since spoken to 2 other bikers who tried and they said they couldn’t get it to work either.

    1. hi my husband and i invested in two src for our c3. we paid a lot of money for the pair but very dissapointed in the system. the driver can only listen to the music where the pillion can’t. previous we had a autcom system which is brill we could hear music and also talk on the phone but with src system you cant. we thought great no unplugging every time you got on and off the bike, but we are going to send our src back and stick to autocom

    1. Hi Petros,

      By soldering a thin wire to the thick metal band and looping that wire around the inside of my helmet improved reception. I won’t say this is perfect, but it certainly makes the radio useable.


  2. Fm reception seems to be an issue with Scala kit. Interestingly webbikeworld passed the fm reception to a bluetooth device as a workaround. Bit of a cop out but at least it looks like the SRC is firmware upgradeable.

    Be buying one & C3 next year.

  3. Hi all, interesting blog…. I have just purchased a Schuberth C3 and love it. Over the past 3 years I have had a Parrot SK4000 which is excelent. The sound quality in the helmet is great and you can have a conversation on the phone at surprisingly high speeds. I use it with my iPhone and listen to music, tom-tom for iPhone, and use the phone. Excellent voice command, and the best bit is that you get a remote for your left hang grip which gives you total control without taking your hand off the bar. The radio reception was is unusable, but that doesn’t really bother me…BUT it won’t pair with another parrot or any other headset so no intercom. So I bought the scala rider Q2 pair for my daughter and I to communicate. The spiel was misleading so I was gutted to find out it wouldn’t bluetooth stream AD2P. To listen to music you need to connect via wire! Radio reception is unusable in suffolk, and the sound quality isn’t a patch on the parrot. The voice activation calls everyone other than the name you speak, so neither of us use them now!. My worry is that as the SRC system is a Scala Rider system, I have no confidence in it to lash out another £250 for what may be a disappointing waste of money. Someone please give me some positive feedback for the Schuberth SRC…

  4. Bought Schuberth SRC system a few months ago, and although bluetooth connection to my Nokia phone seems to work fine, I’m really disappointed with the FM radio reception as well. I might void the warranty as well, but I’m not technically experienced with soldering .. 🙁

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  6. Long while after everybody else I know. Got SRC system last year. No problems pairing to the rider or using last year and this. Couldn’t work out how to use the radio properly, but when I did get it working couldn’t work out whether I was on UK, French or other station. Can’t knock it on the Sat Nav or phone pairing or pick up, that was flawless.

  7. Hello Matt and every one,

    Here is the story of my SRC-System:

    After about a year my src system broke down. From the Schuberth service I was told to return to the shop I bought it for repair. The problem was that I bought it from and the seller left from ebay.. So I was offered to return it directly to Germany (Schuberth service).

    After a couple of months I got a replacement which unfortunately was defective.. I send it back and for one more time I waited for around another 2 months for replacement..

    The new one after few months a new problem appeared. While I was in a call a strong hissing noise was present and most of the time I couldn’t hear what the other party was saying (but they could hear me). I thought that this time had to do with a loose or bad contact because when i pressed the main body of the src system there was a slight improvement in the hissing noise. While I was in the fm radio there was no noise at all.. Only during a call..
    For one more time I had to send it back.. After a couple of months and many emails (always there was a long delay to get an answer to my emails and sometimes I had to send the same email for many times..), I got an email saying that my SRC system can’t be repaired… But this time I couldn’t get a replacement because my warranty has expired… I was offered to pay 170 euro to get a new SRC system with another 2 years of warranty.. As you can guess I refused to pay more than the half price and I asked to get it back un-repaired.

    The fact is that from the 2 years of warranty for quite a long time my src system was at the service and in the way from Greece to Germany and back..

    Definitely the src system is a nice gadget but it isn’t reliable.. I am very disappointed.

    As I am out of warranty I opened it as Matt did trying to find were the problem is.. I found that this little piece of circuit (57″ in the video) was loose and after a while just dropped.. I will try to solder it back but it is not quite clear to me in were exactly was connected..
    I am quite sure that at the service they didn’t bother to open it and try to fix it…

    I also soldered a piece of speaker wire to the thick metal band but there is no (or maybe just a small) improvement a specific fm station I have problem with the reception..

    Sorry for my English..

    Greetings from Greece!

    1. I am sorry to hear of your troubles. I am on my second SRC system now, as my 1st one died during a firmware upgrade (I was doing it from within a virtual machine on my Mac and I think the USB connection died part way through), On this second unit, the radio reception is still poor, and I haven’t had much luck with improving it either.

      They have had the SRC system out for around 4 years now, plenty of time to improve on the original system. I am more than a little disappointed that my second unit has the same issues as the one I purchased so long ago.

  8. I recently spent a lot of money on two C3 helmets with SRC systems. My most disappointing part is that the pillion cannot understand what I’m saying over 40mph, below that it is fine. It was suggested I checked where the ear pieces were located, i.e. put them as close to the ear as possible – checked that and they already were in that position. Am going to get them back to the shop where they were purchased from and see what happens.

    1. In version one of the firmware there was no volume limit and I never had any problems hearing music or the radio (when I could get reception). Since then, I often find there are times that I can’t hear the music at all well. As Petros posts, the SRC system is a nice concept, but in practice it has a lot of shortcomings.

  9. Great post! I just purchased the C3 Pro and SRC system as that was one the best helmets I was able to research my way to (last time I bought one was 14 years ago). For comm it was either the SRC or a G9, and I really liked the notion of having an integrated system. Having used it for the first time today I also had very bad radio reception (Stavanger, Norway) in areas which are fine with a normal FM radio. After my ride I of course found out how to connect the SRC antenna to the helmet antenna, and now reception is really good. Look forward to trying it out on the road this weekend! The big disappointment however was the bad bluetooth connection between my iPhone and the SRC. I had to move the phone around to different jacket pockets before I found a location only half bad (left, front inside the liner) but still music would be on and off for a large part of the ride. Really annoying! So now I will try with the aux cable included in the set. Any other experiences or workarounds with poor BT?

  10. Don’t waste your money I’ve got a C3 with the SRC. I ride a full fairinged bike the volume for music and Phone are just about ok but with the Garmin 660 & 550 obviously connected via bluetooth is useless you can’t hear directions above 30 mph. I’ve sent unit back and had a replacement, the same so I’ve sent the second unit back.
    The comparison between the volume levels on each of the functions is 3 clicks for music recorded on satnav or radio , 4 clicks for the phone 5 clicks for satnav direction which is still not load enough

  11. One of the headphones on my SRC is working only occasionally, so there’s probably a problem with the wiring or solder joints somewhere. Whats the best way for opening and later putting the SRC back together again? Any useful tips&tricks or tools I could use?

  12. I just got a new C3 Pro Helmet at a great price and want to add a Scuberth SRC system to it. Problem is It would cost me $429 – Yikes!
    I have found a like new SRC system for the Older (non Pro) C3 for $200 I have been led to believe it will fit and work in the C3 Pro Helmet but since it doesn’t have a connector to hook up to the C3 Pro’s imbedded antenna I wont get quite the range I would get with the SRC for the C3 Pro. I also am told that the older SRC for the C3 is based on the Cardo Scala D4 whearas the newer SRC for the C3 PRO is based on the Cardo Scala D9. If any of this is incorrect, please let me know!
    Further I was wondering if it might be possible to do a little surgery on the earlier SRC to disconnect it’s internal antenna and add a connector to hook up to the helmets imbedded connector? (I can do a little soldering for a $200 savings!)
    Any information You can Provide would be most appreciated!! Or the contact info for someone You know to be an expert in this area!

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