Repairing Schuberth SRC System

OK, so my Schuberth SRC system kept turning itself off within minutes of it being turned on. At first, I thought it might have been because it wasn’t fully charged, but I ruled that out quite quickly. Having opened my SRC system in an attempt to improve the radio reception, I anticipated that Schuberth would not be interested in fixing the unit so it was up to me to see if there was anything I could do to solve the problem.

[singlepic id=107 w=320 h=240 float=right]It didn’t take long to get everything apart and see that my assumptions about the location of the battery and the components was incorrect.

It also didn’t take long to find out where the problem was. There was a ribbon cable between the two sides shielded by quite a thick metal sheaf.  Clearly, there had been a lot of movement of the shield as it was no longer soldered to the units at either side. Within the metal shield, and near the one end, the ribbon cable had been folded and flattened. Constant movement of the shield and the cable had caused the ribbon cable to fail where it had been folded.

Getting a new ribbon cable of the same size and type proved to be difficult, so I had to search for a 12 pin 0.50mm pitch ribbon cable that was longer than the original. In the end, I was able to get two off eBay for around £7.00 each which I was really pleased about; £14.00 instead of £200.00 for a new unit or the unknown cost of having had it serviced by Schuberth.

I did make one mistake whilst servicing the cable. I was a little impatient with one of the locking tabs of the ribbon cable and broke it off in my haste. I thought this was going to cause me a lot of grief, but I was able to to use a strip of plastic from the top of a headache tablet strip, fold it in half, and wedge it behind the ribbon cable like the original tab would have done. It took a long time to get the cable and the plastic wedge into place and ended up being as snug a fit as the original plastic tab. I doubt it will move before I have to replace the cable again (which I hope I won’t have to do).

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14 thoughts on “Repairing Schuberth SRC System”

  1. Have the same problem. Poor quality assembly. I think 2 soldered cables to cableshield were cut in factory for easier assembly. this way many src’s must have same problem. Schuberth ignores me after initial contact with customer service. Arrogance? Never again will i buy Schuberth!

  2. Thank You Very Much !!

    Matt you save me for buying a new SRC…
    Instead of paying the new one, it works only getting a new replacement ribbon cable for £ 5.. Imagine the different between £ 200 and £ 5.. thanks a lot

  3. I am curious about what ribbon cable you fixed this with from ebay… I am having the same symptoms unfortunately 🙁 Thanks for figuring this out for the masses

  4. Hello,

    I bought a Power Button Ribbon Cable 12 pin for HP DV6000 DV9000.

    It’s a bit shorter 23cm but seems to be OK. I replaced it but my problem still exists (interruptions while trying to hear when I am in call) and a new problem appeared.. I have no reception of any fm radio. Probably I have done something with the antenna..

    I am still trying to find out were is the problem.. I am keep working on it..

  5. my battery is not charging anymore, in normal charging lights are flashing but now not and battery is still empty after one night charging. What is the reason of this problem?

  6. Did any of you guys that replaced the ribbon cable put the thick metal sheaf back? I think that is the radio antenna and without it there will no reception at all.

  7. Hi Matt,

    Same problem here switching of sometimes when touching the collar.
    Opened the collar and found the ribbon cable to be the culprit.
    Ordered one in Hong Kong for 1 pound via Ebay they advertise it as a replacement for HP DV6000 DV9000 thanks to Petros for the link.

    In my collar there is no metal sheat over the ribbon cable. I think the little circuit board sticking out on the mic side is the antenna.
    Maybe I have an earlier or later model???

    thanks for your story

  8. Hi Matt,

    I had the same problem, my src was replaced 3 times under warranty. Because the warranty period was over and the SRC gave the same problem you described I started searching the internet. Luckily I found your topic and ordered the cable for 1,36 euro including postage. Mine has the thick metal sheaf. I just taped the new flat cable to the old en puled it trough. My SRC is now working like new.
    I think it a shame that Schubert/Cardo delivers such poor quality
    Many thanks

    1. Hello Hank,

      Unfortunattely my SRC system still is not working.. Did you buy the cable from the ebay link i posted? Can you please post a step by step guide?



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