Thunderbird 1600 Prices Now Available on the Triumph Website

The Triumph website now has price details of the Thunderbird 1600 and its accessories.  You can get the prices and customise the bike how you want using their new configurator at

The basic bike is priced at £9,794.00.  After customisation, it looks like I am going to be paying around £13,000 which is going to put a damper on my pocket money for the next few months.

Alas, they still have that crappy silver colour, so I will be opting for the pacific blue and fusion white.  The following image was created using the Triumph configurator with my chosen accessories.


The number of available images is pretty bleak at the moment, but one of my favourites is a photo of the instrument panel:


After some thought, I think I prefer the solo version.


Perl script to adjust ‘srt’ subtitle files

Here is a quick and dirty script to adjust the time offset of an ‘srt’ subtitle file.  Quite often, subtitles downloaded from sites such as subscene are out of sync with the video you own.  Rather than adjusting the subtitles offset every time you watch the film/tv series/etc. this script will adjust the ‘srt’ file for you.

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Schuberth C3 Review, Reviewed

Well, after two months of living with my perceived faults of the C3 I finally managed to get to Jack Lilley and speak to them about the C3 helmet I purchased from them.  Initially, the first person I spoke to was going to replace the visor/helmet, but a colleague of his, who has been on a number of helmet manufacturer courses knew exactly what the fault was.  The pins that hold the pinlock visor in place have a flat side acting like a cam.  By rotating the pins,the cam action causes the inner visor to fit flush with the main screen.  Unlike Shoei, there doesn’t appear to be a tool to adjust this without removing the visor.


Well, I am extremely happy and I can give the C3 a glowing 10/10 for comfort, quietness and functionality.  It is early days, but I have not had the visor mist up once since having had the visor adjusted.

Dean Colonel For Sale (2003 model)

I have a 2003 Dean Colonel for sale.  It has a brushed finish, though the left hand side of the top bar has been polished through use.  Included in the sale are two spare dropouts.  I used the bike regularly up until 2007 when I switched to another frame.  All the parts were replaced on a regular basis and no single part is as old as the frame (which will last you a life time).  I debadged the frame in 2005 when I was working in Paris, France, as I didn’t want the bike to be too much of a thief magnet. I am looking to sell it for £700, but I am open to reasonable offers.

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Schubert C2 & C3 Review

Please see this updated post regarding this entry

It’s been a few months since I decided to buy a full face helmet for the Winter and I wanted to provide my feedback for anyone else considering a Schubert.

I originally purchased a Schubert C2.  I kept this for two weeks before handing it back.  Although Schubert claim the visor is coated with an anti fog solution, this appears not to work.  With the visor down, it gradually mists up and you are forced to open up and let the air in.  With the visor partially open, the visor rattles against the bottom edge of the lid.  Not only is this a distraction, it also started to mark the lid after only a couple of journeys.  Needless to say, I couldn’t live with this helmet and returned it under warranty.

I  exchanged the helmet and some cash for the Schubert C3 which has received many great reviews.

Well, initial impressions were great.  The new pin lock system really worked, the visor fixings were a cinch to use, the centered release for the flip face was easier to use than the side mounted one on the C2, and even the sun visor had been improved.

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Reading Toy Run 2008

This year, I was determined to go on the Reading Toy Run.  This is an annual event which was started way back in 1985 by the Christian Motorcycle Association.  I am a not a Christian, but I do believe in helping those less fortunate than myself.  To take part, you only need bring yourself, something resembling a bike, and a present.  Most people go the extra mile and dress themselves and their bikes up in various Christmas guises.  For a full history of the run check out the following link.

It is only a short route; 2.6 miles according to Google.  But the event regularly attracts around 2,000 bikes (and bikers) of all shapes, sizes and age.  I have included a map of the route below.  Point “B” is the junction where myself and six other guys parked our bikes to prevent cars from moving during the 40 minutes it took the procession of motorcycles to go past.

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Our junction was made up of Triumphs.  The previous junction was made up of Harley Davidson’s and somewhere along the route were a fleet of Honda Goldwings.

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Triumph Thunderbird 1600 (expected Sept 2009)

Well, I visited the Carole Nash Motorcycle Show at the NEC on Friday 28th November. My main reason for attending was to see the new Triumph 1600 twin which is expected to be released next September.

First impressions left me underwhelmed to be honest (and this is from someone who has already paid a deposit to get one of the first off the production line). Having spoken with one of the Triumph guys at the stand, it seems that the initial colours are going to be black, blue with a white stripe, and silver. Frankly, I think the silver is not going to sell well and I hope they cancel the colour before release.


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Out of Fuel

I have owned my Triumph America for around 6 months now. During that time, I have been pushing the limits of how many miles I could get out of a full tank of fuel. On Monday morning, whilst on the A34 heading towards Oxford, I finally found out that it was about 202 miles. Fortunately, or so I thought, the bike conked out opposite the Murco garage on the other side of the carriageway.

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